How To Add A Tick Symbol In A PDF

It seems like a simple enough task: tick a box. But when you are faced with selecting a box in a PDF form, it is not so easy. Of course, that’s why you’re here. So here’s what you need to know.

Checking or slashing a box on a PDF is a good idea if you have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader DC app. It is available for Windows and Mac, as well as on Android and iPhone. So if you haven’t already, click the link or search for Adobe Fill & Sign on your phone and install it.

How to add a tick icon to a PDF file on PC or Mac

If you haven’t already, download Acrobat Reader DC. Once installed, launch it and open the PDF file you need to fill in.

Along the menu bar at the top of the page, you’ll see several options, but the one you need is the nib that shows the label. Sign documents by typing or drawing signatures when you hover over it with the mouse pointer.

How to Add Markup Symbols to PDF: Fill & Sign

Clicking this opens the Fill & Sign menu bar. Ignore any provided signatures and select the Markup icon instead.

How to add a bookmark icon to a PDF: Checkmark Options

Now the cursor will be replaced with a tick, so hover over the box and left click to insert the tick. Before you put a check mark, you can use two One icon to increase or decrease its size.

How to add a tick icon in a PDF file: Insert a check mark

If that’s all you need to do, you can now save the document with the appropriate checkboxes filled in. If not, click other fields and fill in the required fields. If you need to sign, here’s how to add a digital signature to a PDF file.

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How to add a tick icon to a PDF file on a phone or tablet

If you’re working with a PDF on your iPhone or Android phone, the process is very similar. You’ll need to download the free Adobe Fill & Sign app. When this is done, tap Choose a form to fill out and find the PDF file you want to edit.

How to add tick icon in PDF: Using Mobile App

Now, navigate to the place on the form where you want to add the checkmark, touch and hold that position until you see a menu appear. Then select the tick icon and one will be placed in the box.

If it’s not correct, press and hold the checkmark until you see a large circle appear around it. Now drag the checkmark into the correct space. Again, you can use two One icon to adjust the size of the tick.

When you’re satisfied, tap another area of ​​the document and the box will disappear leaving only a checkmark. If you are looking to do more with your PDF files, here are the best PDF editors to use.

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