How to access SD card on Android

One of the advantages that many Android smartphones have over iPhones is the ability to add storage space using a microSD card. Simply placing one in the tray can instantly turn a modest 32GB device into one capable of holding your entire music library, movie collection, and myriad pictures and videos.

But how can you access all this extra storage when you want to see or listen to the content you’ve added? We show you simple steps to find files stored on microSD card in your Android phone.

File app

All Android phones are different, but the general rule here should work on any phone. On your device, open the apps tray or scroll through your homepages and find an app named Files, My filesor something very similar.

Click here and you’ll see a list of different folders, including Download, Picture, Sound, Video, and other related items. Below them there should also be a section with the title Storage device or something along these lines.

how to access sd card on android

There should be two items listed – Internal storage and SD card (or name/number if it’s formatted that way). Click the latter.

You should now see the contents of your microSD card. If you want to find the movies you shot on your recent family vacation, visit Video. Camera images are commonly found in DCIM or Pictureswhile other types of files or data will fit in the relevant folders.

If you can’t find this app, you can download ES File Explorer from Google Play. It’s really the same thing: a file manager that lets you view files and folders in your phone’s internal memory and any SD card.

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Access SD card via Settings

If you can’t find the Files app or just prefer a different path to the SD card, here’s what to do. Open the Notifications window by swiping down from the top of the screen, then tapping Setting icon (the one that looks like a gear). Also you can find Setting and tap the app instead.

Next, scroll down – or search – until you find Warehouse, then tap it. Finally, select the SD card listed in Portable Storage section.

how to access sd card on android

If you haven’t already, find recommendations in our roundup of the best microSD cards. You may also want to know how to download Google Music to an SD card.

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