How Many Endorsements Do I Need to Level Up in Overwatch?

Overwatch is constantly changing; Whether it’s the introduction of new characters and maps or new mechanics, the game has come a long way since its launch in 2016. While most of the attention has been on the new characters. which you can play in Overwatch, one of the more recent features aimed at combating malicious behavior on the platform. These are called validations and they reward you for being a friendly, supportive player to your teammates.

With several levels to climb in the Overwatch endorsement ladder, how many levels do you need to climb exactly? And how should you act if you are trying to be approved? We answer that, and more, below.

What are endorsements and how can I earn them?

Unlike the voting cards you’ll see at the end of a standard Overwatch game that measure technical skill (like a 10-player streak), validation is given to those who are helpful, play goal, provide support and generally friendly. Validations are divided into three categories:

  • Sports spirit: An endorsement for being an active, respectful and friendly player, and also the only endorsement you can give to the opposing team (if you wish).
  • Good teammates: This award is given to people who stick to their roles, communicate well, and sacrifice themselves for the greater good of the team.
  • Shoot the caller: This is an endorsement for those who control and lead the team well in matches. While it doesn’t always people with a microphone, they can respond faster and give more personalized, effective instructions.

Want to earn endorsements? The goal is to be one of the players mentioned above – if not a combination of all three. It is also important that you do not leave the match before the end, as confirmations are only given to those who stay until the end. You can exit and queue for another match after the end screen begins at the end of your match and still get a confirmation, but not before.

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How many confirmations do I need to level up?

The real question is “how much do you need to level up?” and sadly there is no definite answer. Blizzard has not released any information about the leaderboard and how many confirmations it takes to level up. There isn’t even a progress bar to tell you how close you are to leveling up, because, in our opinion, Blizzard doesn’t want to rate good behavior. The idea is that the entire community will become a friendlier place and people will level up over time.

We say ‘over time’ because, honestly, you need multiple confirmations just to go up a single level.

Oh, and if you’re looking to climb that endorsement ladder, you better not lose your temper, drop out in the middle of a game, or just be a bad teammate in general. While your endorsement level slowly increases, receiving negative feedback from players you’ve played with can severely impact your overall level and deprive you of any hope. hope for promotion.

What do I get when I get certified?

According to Blizzard, being confirmed will give you a better queue in the ‘Group Search’ section. You will be able to customize the parameters for the match you are looking for (competitive, quick play, etc.) and even specify the role you want to play. The company has also teased that positive confirmers can expect occasional rewards, but there’s no word yet on what shape or form those rewards might come in.

What is the maximum confirmation level?

Performance endorsement is capped at 5, but don’t get comfortable once you get there. As well as losing rankings due to negative feedback from other players, your ranking will decrease over time if you don’t continue to be a good and approved player. It’s hard work being a favorite in Overwatch!

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